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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: measl
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 00:41:11 2001

On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Jared Mauch wrote:

> > No, I'm not talking about the spammers who were caught in maps, I'm
> > referring to the INNOCENTS who were caught in MAPS.  If the LEO community 
> > acted like MAPS does, there would have been armed revolution in the
> > streets *years ago*.
> > 
> > MAPS never gave a shit about facts, they cared only about their agenda -
> > no matter who got hurt in the way.
> > 
> > Fuckem.  Vixie is a netnazi who would do us all a favor if he just blew
> > what little brains he has left out of his left ear.
> 	I think you are confused and talking about ORBS.  the MAPS people
> have not acted with any agenda that I've ever seen.

I assure you I am not confused.  ORBS was intolerably worse, but MAPS is
still not something I am looking forward to seeing survive.

> 	I'm not saying that I agree with all the things that MAPS
> or Vixie has done during their lifetimes but I think they provide
> a valuable service.

Then of course, you are free to subscribe.

>  With the orbs, maps changes recently i've seen
> the volume of spam increase by several orders of magnitude.


> 	I wish there was a clean way to filter it out.

There are plenty, but most of us are too goddamn lazy to do it ourselves,
and ask for an ORBS or MAPS like service to do it for us.  We have NEVER
had a spam problem (we've been here since 1994) going out - not a single
incident (not that we probably won't haqve one *someday*, but still, it's
a hell of a good track record).

The SPAM problem goes up and down to be sure, but you know what?  PROCMAIL
is your friend.  All you need to look for are the basics (ADV, Make Money,
etc) and you can instatly filter 90 percent of this trash into the

At work (not, I get several orders of magnitude more mail
(usually obnoxious at that) from the "gentle anti-spammers" than the poor
"victims" get themselves!

Lets get my position straight:  I think spam is annoying as heel, and
should not be done.  I don't think that SPAM is going to cause any major
social upheavals.  I also disagree that all people want to be spared from
SPAM, and with thaqt in mind, I believe everyone should defend themselves
to the best of their interest, and leave the next guy alone: he or she
probably has *way* more important things to worry about.


J.A. Terranson
[email protected]

If Governments really want us to behave like civilized human beings, they
should give serious consideration towards setting a better example:
Ruling by force, rather than consensus; the unrestrained application of
unjust laws (which the victim-populations were never allowed input on in
the first place); the State policy of justice only for the rich and 
elected; the intentional abuse and occassionally destruction of entire
populations merely to distract an already apathetic and numb electorate...
This type of demogoguery must surely wipe out the fascist United States
as surely as it wiped out the fascist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The views expressed here are mine, and NOT those of my employers,
associates, or others.  Besides, if it *were* the opinion of all of
those people, I doubt there would be a problem to bitch about in the
first place...