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Re: MPLS VPNs or not?

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Tue Aug 07 12:08:12 2001

On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 11:49:38AM -0400, Vijay Gill wrote:
> That was uncalled for. We do have problems maintaining a single RIB with 
> IGP routes sometimes, mostly they are due to buggy implementations.


your notion of complexity is well taken in the context of operational reality.

The question is a matter of trade off in my opinion.  Sure, every once in a 
while my phone doesn't give me a dial tone or just fastbusies..

Does that mean I will start praying to my favorite deity/deities for good
weather and no wind so that I can start using smoke signals again?

Any new technology has glitches, which are typically resolved over time. That's
an operational reality, too.  That's why there are precautions in place to
prevent meltdowns, which start with testing and safety break-aways of your
network to prevent meltdowns.. it's either time to come up with them or not 
participate in the risk.  That's a choice you make, but not a thumbs up or 
thumbs down on the value or effectiveness of a given technology or 
architecture.  They certainly influence each other to a degree, but they're not
the only thing that matters.

Risk is manageable.


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