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RE: and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere(fwd)

  • From: John A. Tamplin
  • Date: Thu Aug 02 21:08:54 2001

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Matt Martini wrote:

> The above is exactly the reason (well not the only reason), that we now use
> Qmail instead of sendmail.
> I never liked the idea of someone else, with an agenda that I'm sure
> doesn't coinside with mine, telling me who I should talk to or not. When
> the source code defaulted to using these "services" that's when I bailed on
> sendmail.

The source code does not include any references at all.  There is an M4
source file that includes the rulesets that do DNS lookups but you have to
explicitly include them in your configuration source.

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