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Re: MACs on PAIX

  • From: Stephen Stuart
  • Date: Wed Nov 29 19:46:30 2000

> I'm using MAC accounting on our Fast E connection at the PAIX to do
> per-peer traffic stats.  It worked great until we put in a GSR.  I don't
> know why it worked before or if anything has changed since.
> [...]

The forwarding databases in the PAIX switches have, at most, 119 MAC
addresses; we've assigned 129 IP addresses, and I can pretty easily
attribute the 10 "missing" ones to a couple holes in the allocation
and some folks who have addresses but haven't turned on their
interfaces yet.

Looking at the actual forwarding databases, we're running one MAC per
port on all but the trunks - we're *very* diligent about preventing
non-PAIX layer 2 devices from contaminating our layer 2 fabric.

Given that, I think you're suffering from GSR's not being able to do
MAC accounting (as Leo suggested) rather than there being any "layer 2
noise" in the switch fabric. The PAIX engineering folks (send mail to
<[email protected]>) would be happy to take any follow-up questions
you might have about PAIX infrastructure.