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  • From: Matt Hempel
  • Date: Tue Nov 28 14:30:30 2000

I'm using MAC accounting on our Fast E connection at the PAIX to do
per-peer traffic stats.  It worked great until we put in a GSR.  I don't

know why it worked before or if anything has changed since.

The stats aren't working now because the # of entries in the
MAC accounting table exceed 512 (a hard IOS limit).  The majority of
these aren't in the ARP table ... they are inbound without translation
... just layer 2 noise.
It seems odd to me that there are this many distinct addresses on the
same shared
segment.  Not to mention that the port isn't switched.

To wit:

0000.0000.0000(0  ):  110444951 packets, 27399M bytes, last: 80ms ago
0000.0003.0000(3  ):  9416 packets, 2738919 bytes, last: 455680ms ago
0000.037f.4129(20 ):  33 packets, 7700 bytes, last: 302129568ms ago

Pretty serious chunks of bandwidth.

There are a large group of these addresses that begin with 0000. --- are

these some sort of bridged translation?  Can you think of any other
reason that so many MACs would appear on the same port?

--matt hempel