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Re: Down under NANOG: Telstra problems and root servers

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Tue Nov 21 20:05:35 2000

> On 21 Nov 2000, Sean Donelan wrote:
> > So, if a root server was placed in Australia, to whom's network should
> > it be attached.  Would OPTUS and Telstra cooperate and jointly provide
> > connectivity and diversity?  Or is the most connected place in the
> > asia-pacific region still the west coast of the US?

	Depends. Japan & HongKong are pretty well connected and there are a
	number of other reasonably well connected places in SEA.

	And the past rule set seemed to call out for root servers
	to be placed "one hop off a public exchange" and run by a 
	neutral party. Hence "M" is run by the Wide project off NSPIXP-n
	and "K" is run by RIPE off LINX.

	One might expect that -IF- a server was to become available and 
	Oz was to actually acceed to hosting a server, that it would be 
	one hop off an exchange, say WAIX or SYD-BONE and run by... say 
	APNIC.  In the past, Telstra has not been willing to host a root server.