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Re: Trusting BGP sessions

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Wed Nov 15 02:51:09 2000

Ok, let me show why this isn't a valid reason.

Me: Will you peer with me on both coasts with this bandwidth using this

BigISP: No, because we don't trust .....

Me: Will you sell me the same, identical connections in multiple locations
using the same, identical protocols?

BigISP: Of course, yes.

Me: If you have systems in place to protect your network against my network
as a customer, why don't those exact same systems work when you connect
the same network, router and protocol as a peer?

BigISP: Its too complicated, and you wouldn't understand.

Question: historically have more routing snafus originated in "customer"
BGP sessions or in "peer" BGP sessions?

On Tue, 14 November 2000, David Diaz wrote:
> Sorry, Yes.
> My original answer mentioned in the past.  I think we all understand 
> that the "business" side has entered.
> However someone connecting to your peering router can create a create 
> deal of havoc.  Some of the older routers could have a major problem 
> with floods of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of routes 
> being added or withdrawn quickly.  At the same time if the peer is 
> flapping and rerouting hunderds of megs to different exchange points, 
> first east coast then west, it could cause a serious problem.  I know 
> you know that Sean.