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Re: RADWare Linkproof? (or better ways to multihome)

  • From: Mohamed Hirse
  • Date: Wed Nov 01 11:20:09 2000

If the purpose of using BGP is to server load balance, there are other
products that work as well if not better. Take a look at F5, Alteon and
Arrowpoint. BGP will be a good method to load share traffic between
multiple different providers


On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Mike Johnson wrote:

> Back in March (looking through the archives) there was some discussion
> on this product as a replacement for BGP-4 for multihoming.
> I find myself in a situation where I'm going to be setting up a site
> that will be multihomed at a co-lo site.  We're going to be connected
> to two separate ISPs via fast ethernet connections.
> I have only discussed BGP with one of the ISP's (we will not be getting
> IP services from the co-lo company), but they didn't seem to indicate
> that they had any issues with us using BGP.  So, it seems that BGP-4
> is an option.
> We've been speaking with RADWare about their Web Server Directors for
> server load balancing and they brought up the Linkproof 
> (  I was planning
> on just purchasing a big ole router and running BGP, but the idea of
> replacing the router with a pair of Linkproofs (high availability) is
> very attractive both from a cost standpoint and from an expertise
> standpoint (I'm the only one here who has run BGP-4 at all, and that
> was only in a lab, playing around -- ie, we have damned near no in
> house BGP-4 experience).
> I'm waiting to hear back from our salesdroid on other customers who
> currently use Linkproofs in this manner (he says there are several),
> but since this has been discussed here (but no conclusions seem to 
> have been reached), I thought I would ask and see if anyone has
> experience with this product.
> In the end, I'm certainly willing to look at other solutions, but
> we're a bit iffy on BGP and we're already planning on running NAT,
> so the Linkproof looks like a good fit.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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> Mike Johnson
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