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RADWare Linkproof? (or better ways to multihome)

  • From: Mike Johnson
  • Date: Wed Nov 01 11:06:56 2000

Back in March (looking through the archives) there was some discussion
on this product as a replacement for BGP-4 for multihoming.

I find myself in a situation where I'm going to be setting up a site
that will be multihomed at a co-lo site.  We're going to be connected
to two separate ISPs via fast ethernet connections.

I have only discussed BGP with one of the ISP's (we will not be getting
IP services from the co-lo company), but they didn't seem to indicate
that they had any issues with us using BGP.  So, it seems that BGP-4
is an option.

We've been speaking with RADWare about their Web Server Directors for
server load balancing and they brought up the Linkproof 
(  I was planning
on just purchasing a big ole router and running BGP, but the idea of
replacing the router with a pair of Linkproofs (high availability) is
very attractive both from a cost standpoint and from an expertise
standpoint (I'm the only one here who has run BGP-4 at all, and that
was only in a lab, playing around -- ie, we have damned near no in
house BGP-4 experience).

I'm waiting to hear back from our salesdroid on other customers who
currently use Linkproofs in this manner (he says there are several),
but since this has been discussed here (but no conclusions seem to 
have been reached), I thought I would ask and see if anyone has
experience with this product.

In the end, I'm certainly willing to look at other solutions, but
we're a bit iffy on BGP and we're already planning on running NAT,
so the Linkproof looks like a good fit.

Mike Johnson
Network Engineer / iSun Networks, Inc.
Morrisville, NC
All opinions are mine, not those of my employer