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[Somewhat OT] ATM Port/Class of Service Pricing

  • From: Allan Carscaddon
  • Date: Wed Oct 25 17:20:49 2000

I just had some materials dropped off on my desk to verify with regards to ATM pricing. I am, unfortunately, not as current on ATM service pricing as I would need to be to verify the prices that I have.

I don't know very well where to begin and I hope that someone here can a) help, or b) point me to someone who could. I have some prices for ATM service based on port speed (e.g., ATM ports from an IXC), at a customer site for various speeds (DS3, OC3, etc). I also have some additional prices based on Class of Service (CBR, UBR, and VBR) and by the amount of "committed data rate" (PCR in the case of CBR traffic and SCR in the case of VBR traffic).

If anyone out there is willing to share information that they have on ATM pricing, I would very much appreciate their sharing with me. If interest warrants, I will summarize to the group (pending permission from those providing information).

Best regards, and thanks in advance,