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Route Registry: who uses them?

  • From: Todd Caine
  • Date: Wed Oct 25 17:43:37 2000

I've been talking with our router geeks and we have been
debating over the usefulness of route registries.  We were
asked recently on an application for peering if we consult
RADB, and our response was, "We have used it although it's
not up to date; Why do you use it?", and we received no
response.  In my experience, I've never heard of any cases
where it has been used.

Who should use Route Registries?  Why?

Is it worth the time?

Do people trust that the information is accurate enough to
let a route server automate establishing your peering
sessions?  Is there a limit to the detail that you should

I've looked at some of the information that other providers
have put in the route registry, but nothing really seemed
all that useful to us.  Would anyone agree or disagree?

Am I missing something here?

Todd Caine

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