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RE: The Backhoe Summit

  • From: Craig Holland
  • Date: Mon Sep 25 17:35:40 2000

I can add that a lot of cities in the Silicon Valley area do now require
having a handful of companies together before they let you dig a trench.
I'd imagine this trend will spread as people in metropolitan areas get tired
of having their streets dug up every few months.


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> > I've come to the conclusion that a lot of these problems could be
> > avoided with a bit of enforced cooperation.  Recent ordinances require
> > competing cell providers to licence or share existing towers before
> > new tower permits are allowed.  We don't allow multiple rows of
> > telephone poles in the same easement.  Why do we allow unconstrained
> > underground work?  The rampant "competition" just isn't tenable.
> Well, one little issue here.. if everyone shared the same path, that
> means the backhoes can do more damage with one swing. Yeah, the
> frequency may be offset by better records, but the impact of each one
> will be much greater. Its a no-win situation.
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