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Re: The Backhoe Summit

  • From: Wayne Bouchard
  • Date: Mon Sep 25 16:32:02 2000

> I've come to the conclusion that a lot of these problems could be 
> avoided with a bit of enforced cooperation.  Recent ordinances require 
> competing cell providers to licence or share existing towers before 
> new tower permits are allowed.  We don't allow multiple rows of 
> telephone poles in the same easement.  Why do we allow unconstrained 
> underground work?  The rampant "competition" just isn't tenable.  

Well, one little issue here.. if everyone shared the same path, that
means the backhoes can do more damage with one swing. Yeah, the
frequency may be offset by better records, but the impact of each one
will be much greater. Its a no-win situation.

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