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Re: update

  • From: Troy Davis
  • Date: Sun Sep 24 14:09:04 2000

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Bill Fumerola <[email protected]> wrote:

> Can we get something like MAPS-RBL BGP that we can peer with that exports the
> list of currently known amplifier netblocks?

We've been considering such a feed but wonder whether any backbones 
would accept it.  I'll take this opportunity to do a straw poll.

It wouldn't make a practical dent in traffic unless one or more transit 
or large end-user providers used it, protecting their downstream customer 
links.  At last count, there are 66317 smurf-amplifying /24s; of course, 
they'd be aggregated where possible in the announcements.

So if you administer a transit-providing organization that would seriously 
consider using a BGP blackhole feed of smurf-amplifying /24s, email me.  
Include your AS and a round estimate of the size of your backbone (or 
customer base, or organization, or something).

Also, if you would use it but with some limitations, send that.  One
opton would be to have a second feed of only those networks with more 
than, say, 10 responses (8908 /24s) or to make filtering an optional 
feature based on special customer request.  I'll summarize replies 
next week.

I can see the marketing already -- "Sign up with us and avoid the fate 
of Yahoo, Ebay.."