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Re: Worldcom fiber outage

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Sep 08 22:56:36 2000

MFS circuits have been coming back online in the last hour (about 6pm PDT)
in the San Francisco bay area.  Nasa Ames seems to be back in service for
most peering. The location of the cut was identified as 30 miles south of
San Francisco.

I'm not sure who swapped fiber with whom, and who is sharing right of ways
with others.  I've heard both Qwest and MFS/Worldcom as the actual owner
of the fiber right of way in question.  I don't know the legal owner of
the fiber, or if it really matters whether its the carrier's own fiber or
their circuits are running in someone else's innerduct when the circuit
goes down.

Interactive week covers some of the reason why this cut may have affected
things more than normal.  The bay bridge fiber had a scheduled maintenance
window, and was out of service, when the cut occured.,4164,2626180,00.html

Circuit grooming occurs more than carriers admit.  When was the last time
you checked your DLR?  Although there is no evidence cuts happen more
often when your redundent link is out of service, they're the ones everyone