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Re: bring sense to the ietf - volunteer for nomcom

  • From: Masataka Ohta
  • Date: Tue Sep 05 07:48:57 2000


> I think the IETF is valuable, but what do you tell investors when they
> ask what's in it for them?

You have no problem, because it is as good as ISO.

Moverover, within NANOG context, it is better than ISO, because it
is US-centric that 2 of 3 meetings in a year is held in US (remaining
one often in CA).

> If UUNET needs some operational feature in a protocol, they
> call up their Cisco engineer and say jump.  Presto, in the next release
> train, feature X shows up. Who needs rough consensus?

Then, no one.

In theory, internet/routing areas are the only area where so valued
rough consensus and interoperability could be meaningful.

Physical/datalink layer protocols are purely local. Transport/application
layer protocols are chosen by the market, because of the end to end

						Masataka Ohta