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Re: bring sense to the ietf - volunteer for nomcom

  • From: Craig Partridge
  • Date: Tue Sep 05 07:10:40 2000

In message <[email protected]>, Sean Donelan writes:

>I think the IETF is valuable, but what do you tell investors when they
>ask what's in it for them?

Various folks make various arguments but I think the most successful one has

* The IETF makes the standards (for good or ill) and the quality of those
  standards, and, indeed, the decision about what to standardize has an
  impact on operations.  By attending, you can help avoid disasterous
  standards and help shape useful ones.

* IETF is one of the better ways for groups of vendors together to influence
  standards (more powerful than one on one meetings).

That said, you also need to be clear you don't attend unnecessarily.  Don't
go for the whole week -- go for the meetings you need (so book the hotel for
the week, and then when you see the program of meetings, alter your
reservation).  Don't send a lot of people.  Send a junior person if senior
participation is needed.


[Side note: I was a founding member of the IESG at a time that I was providing
technical & user support for NSFNET.]