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RE: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Karyn Ulriksen
  • Date: Wed Aug 30 12:24:12 2000

I've been running webhosting farms for over five years and for the past
year, we have been running entirely Host Header based webhosting.  Also,
because we run everything clustered we've had to become inventive if it
isn't a good candidate for NAT (too many IPs and not enough management
resources on the load balancer, etc).  

There is only a small number of services that currently really require
dedicated IPs.  HTTPS and Anonymous FTP.  Although, the HTTPS is a concern -
not that many customers actually use the Anonymous FTP service.  We ended up
offering Anonymous FTP as a premium service (I like to think that this cuts
down on warez and script kiddie distribution).   HTTPS is offered as a
premium service as well, but is served out of it's own cluster so we don't
have to make sure that IPs are predefined for the sites.  Code can be
altered to reflect hostnames based on user logins or can be simply made
generic or NoName branded.  A few customers will whine, but 98% don't know
the difference, understand and accept the limititations, or are just so damn
happy it works that they don't mind.

Although I do agree that ARIN does tend to be anal, I believe some system
architects would have shot us all in the foot by now if they hadn't put
their foot down.  We just have to be cleverer than them and I think that
shouldn't be too hard, right?