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RE: ARIN Policy on IP-based Web Hosting

  • From: Joe Shaw
  • Date: Wed Aug 30 12:19:04 2000

On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Joseph McDonald wrote:

> > Name-based virtual hosting does not work in many, MANY cases.  Beyond
> And it doesn't work for POP3 at all.  If you give your customers their
> own pop3 server, you will need to bind to a different IP for each customer.
> I don't know of any way around that.  

> Same goes for ftp as far as I know.

It has been argued by people far smarter than I that FTP needs to
disappear, and I tend to agree with them.  Not that I think that file
transfers should no longer take place, but FTP has certainly outlived it's
usefulness in today's networks and should be replaced with something a bit
more robust/secure.  I think SCP is certainly a start in the right
direction.  With a few modifications, it could certainly be an adequate
drop-in replacement.

Joseph W. Shaw - [email protected]