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Reminder - NANOG proposal deadline

  • From: Susan R. Harris
  • Date: Thu Aug 24 22:22:56 2000

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                                  NANOG 20            
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                            October 22 - 24, 2000

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The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) will hold its 20th
meeting in Washington, D.C., between October 22 - 24, 2000. The
meeting will be hosted by AOL.  NANOG conferences provide a forum for
the coordination and dissemination of technical information related
to large-scale (i.e., national/international) Internet backbone
networking technologies and operational practices.

NANOG meetings, held three times each year, include two days of short
presentations, plus afternoon/evening tutorial sessions.  Meetings are
informal, with an emphasis on relevance to current backbone engineering
practices. The conference draws around 500 participants, mainly consisting
of engineering staff from large national service providers, and members of
the research and education community.

Now in its fifth year, NANOG evolved from the NSFNET "regional-techs" 
meetings, where technical staff from the regional networks met to discuss
operational issues of common concern. With the emergence of the commercial
Internet, NANOG meetings evolved to include a broader base of providers,
network operators, and researchers. 

The meeting will be held at the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel. For
more information about NANOG meetings, schedules, and logistics, see:


NANOG invites presentations on backbone engineering, coordination, and
research topics. Presentations should highlight issues relating to
technology already deployed or soon to be deployed in core Internet
backbones and exchange points. 

Previous meetings have included presentations on: 

    - Backbone traffic engineering 
    - Coordination of inter-provider QoS 
    - Deployment experience with queueing disciplines (CAR, RED) 
    - Inter-provider security and routing protocol authentication 
    - Routing scalability in backbone infrastructures 
    - Security issues for the Internet core 
    - Routing policy specification and backbone router configuration 
    - Building large-scale measurement infrastructure 
    - Cooperative inter-provider caching 
    - Alternatives to hot-potato routing 
    - Recommendations on queue management and congestion avoidance 
    - Experience with differentiated services 
    - Reports from next-generation networks (Internet2, CA*net, etc.) 
    - Inter-domain multicast deployment 
    - Backbone network failure analysis 

Tutorials have covered topics such as: 

    - BGP case studies 
    - MPLS fundamentals 
    - External route selection 
    - IP multicast technologies 
    - Distributed content caching in large IP networks



Submit an informal one- or two-paragraph abstract describing the
presentation in email to [email protected] The deadline for
proposals is September 11, 2000. While the majority of speaking slots
will be filled by September 11, a limited number of slots will be
available after that date for topics that are exceptionally timely
and important. Submissions will be reviewed by the NANOG Program
Committee, and presenters will be notified of acceptance by September
25, 2000.

NANOG also welcomes suggestions/recommendations for tutorials, panels and
other presentation topics.