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Re: lame delegations

  • From: Joshua Goodall
  • Date: Fri Aug 18 16:05:57 2000

exactly - as long as the PTR record exists and returns a FQHN with a
resolvable and identical A record, rfc1912 seems satisfied.

back to the thread, I wouldn't feel comfortable with using PTR
nonexistence (or otherwise) to prove that an address is no longer used.
After all, that address *is* about to be used (hence the problem). In
other words, you'd have to violate rfc1912 on an authoritative nameserver
(of all devices to violate it on) just to prove re-use.

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On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Derek J. Balling wrote:

> www --->
> ns1 --->
> servershostname --->
> --->
> I think this is the situation Joshua is describing, where you might 
> rev-map to a server name (Whatever hostnames you assign locally to 
> your boxen), but where that hostname is NOT "")