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Re[2]: TLD operations change

  • From: Joe McGuckin
  • Date: Tue Aug 01 20:25:36 2000

> Of course, then NSI might have to
> worry about one of the folks it signed a cooperative agreement trying
> to claim it owned the zone files NSI hired it to act as an operator for :-)

> I'm normally opposed to "outsourcing" but in this case outsourcing makes
> a lot of sense.  NSI being the business owner of *ALL* the machines serving
> the GTLD zone files doesn't make a lot of sense.
> My basic objection is using a set of identically configured hardware
> and software managed by a single operation for a "distributed" system.

I'm simply opposed to NSI embedding themselves further into the 
infrastructure of the internet, making it that much harder to pry
them loose once their contracts  run out...


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