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Re: Re[2]: TLD operations change

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Tue Aug 01 21:06:32 2000

On Tue, 01 August 2000, Joe McGuckin wrote:
> I'm simply opposed to NSI embedding themselves further into the 
> infrastructure of the internet, making it that much harder to pry
> them loose once their contracts  run out...

The end date on NSI's contracts/cooperative agreements have passed,
several times :-)

The nifty thing about having NSI as the business owner of all the GTLD
servers now is if NSI ever goes bankrupt we loose *all* the GTLD servers
in one swoop to the bankruptcy trustee.  At least with the "volunteer"
servers spread throughout different organizations, if NASA went bankrupt,
we wouldn't also lose all the other servers at the same time.

If I compare NSI's balance sheets to some of the "volunteers" I've got
to wonder which ones are really the more stable organizations.