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Re: MasterCard Flood, Personal phone lose (was Re: Fiber cut in Chicago area?)

  • From: Jason Legate
  • Date: Tue Jun 27 15:00:42 2000

It's one of those "imaginary friends", hrm?  Is this related to the San
Bruno fiber burn/cut?  I saw info about it that 24? 27? strands were
burned in a fire supposedly caused by construction at SFO.  They say that
local 911 in San Mateo county has been disrupted due to this.  If this is
the cause, then as usual, it IS Pac Bell.  I heard ETR's of 5 to 10 days
for full service to return.


On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 10:26:06AM -0700, Sean Donelan wrote:
> On Mon, 26 June 2000, Jason Legate wrote:
> > I didn't see a posting from Sean, yet, but there apparantly was a multi
> > telco fiber cut in the Chicago area.  I have no additional details at this
> > time.  Anyone know anything?
> I've experienced my own personal loss of phone service, so I've been
> off-net for the day.  My home phone went dead yesterday, no dialtone.
> When you call the number, Josh answers.  As far as I know, no Josh is
> living in my apartment.  Naturally Pacific Bell Telephone says nothing
> is wrong with their lines, so it must be my telephone that is broken,
> and it will be $45 if pacbell looks a it.