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Real Internet Consortium

  • From: Chris Cappuccio
  • Date: Fri Jun 09 21:50:50 2000

Has anyone seen this?

"It is widely recognized that, because of the speed limitation
of electric circuit, Tbps or Pbps routers can be constructed
only with massively parallel architecture with a lot of elementary
routers combined by a high speed interconnection backbone.

On the other hand, it is widely misunderstood that fine grain
QoS assurance of individual flows is impossible, because, at
the high speed backbone of the Internet, there are so many flows
that signaling of the flows and routing (including policing
and fair queuing) of packets of the flows do not scale.

It is not widely understood that the backbone scalability problems
of QoS assurance is solved by massively parallel nature of
high speed routers.

As a result, people in conventional standardization forum such
as ISO, ITU and IETF are, in vain, trying to produce complex protocols to
aggregate flows to reduce the complexity. However,
it is easy to prove that such aggregation is impossible at
least with multicast or QoS routed flows. Thus, in some IETF WG,
QoS assurance is finally given up and CoS assurance, which is not useful
for most applications, which is often obfuscated by the fallacy of
calling CoS QoS, is pursued."