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OT List Questions

  • From: Dennis L. Shreve
  • Date: Tue May 23 23:01:19 2000

Pardon the OT bandwitdh.

I'm new to the nanog list and have a couple quick questions:

Is this a low volume list?  I am not receiving any posts.

Should I not get copies of all messages to the list including my own?

Where can I get instructions on list usage and options?

Joe was kind enough to reply to my test (which I never saw cross the list),
but the reply was to me directly, instead of to the list so I cannot tell if
I'm receiving from the list?

Sorry for the intrusion, your assistance is appreciated!!


Dennis ...


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joe St Sauver [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2000 6:55 PM
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: test
> It works.
> Joe