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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: Chris Williams
  • Date: Mon May 15 11:26:11 2000

> "Faster BGP" and "Handling 250k routes" is not just a function of
> CPU speed and memory capacity. You have to consider network topology,
> latency/packetloss, router software (as well as hardware, so you can
> throw in your CPU and hardware here), peering patterns, route
> filtering, IGP/iBGP behaviour and some liberal application of fairy
> dust.

Just to clarify, I wasn't speaking so much in terms of actually making
BGP faster, as in terms of route policy management, which was an issue
brought up earlier in this thread. So, I wasn't suggesting that
"doubling the number of routes in a network might not bring up new
issues", my argument was more along the lines of "if you can keep track
of policies for 10K routes, you can probably keep track of policies for
20K or 200K routes". Which of course is not to say that your router can
nessecarily handle 200K pieces of policy data, although I would think
that _is_ more of a hardware/software issue than a
protocol/network-behavior issue.
If the emerging network topologies and route-informaton volumes are
bringing out non-performance limitations in our routing protocols, then
obviously we need new protocols, and certainly there have been a number
of links to papers on different routing schemes posted in the last week.
Really, the core of what I was saying was, "instead of complaining about
the headaches rapid growth causes us and trying to change user behavior,
let's really focus our efforts on solving the underlying problems". I am
not trying to start a fight here -- I believe the majority of posts so
far on this topic have been in exactly the spirit of working together
for a better solution.
I just hope that the final solution takes into account the actual needs
of different types of companies and individuals on the internet, rather
than being purely based upon what is easiest for backbones providers.