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[Fwd: Re: Optical Crossconnects and IP]

  • From: Andrew Bender
  • Date: Mon May 15 11:31:36 2000

Vadim Antonov wrote:
> I would like to inject some sanity into the traffic engineering
> discussion by reminding about some small fact of life: 
>     Nobody knows how to measure how what the demanded/available bandwidth
>     ratio is when the circuit is overloaded.

I think the point of TE is to avoid overbooking in the first place,
and also calculate a suitably assured protection path. (or just build
for the busy hour, of course)

> What it means that by and large traffic engineering is done by seat of
> the pants.  

May be so, but at some point every business will be accountable to
operating cost. This is the hallmark of a mature sector in a commodity
market, in fact.

> PPS Pluris core technology allows to treat traffic as a liquid - unlike simple
>     IP routing it works by splitting aggregated streams, which can be sent
>     along different paths.  

Not by hashing flows I hope. Otherwise, I suspect that non-Newtonian
CFD per macroflow can't possibly be a time-complexity win over the
"simple" MCF optimization problem... :P

Andrew Bender