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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: Vijay Gill
  • Date: Sat May 13 12:06:47 2000

On Sat, 13 May 2000, Christian Nielsen wrote:

 [ # of routing table entries growing]

> connections and announcing maybe only a /24 or /23. Of course, Verio
> will filter them saying it is good for the net. Tho they forget that
> they send out what they claim to filter. Seems they might have another
> motive for filtering... 

Their customers are paying them for the service and buy the extra cpu and
memory and routing table slots.  You could filter on the same boundaries
as Verio.... do unto others before others do unto you?

> Our routers carry 1.1 million paths + in their tables today. I have seen

That is impressive.