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Re: CIDR Report

  • From: Mark Kent
  • Date: Sat May 13 12:23:37 2000

>> Take a look at:

I think the other parts of the data also point to shoddy aggregation
(not that this is new).  Look at some of the /8 nets that have been
broken down and you'll see some sequences crying out for order.

I see (approximately) this right now:

 600 pieces of net 12
 850 pieces of net 24
1600 pieces of net 63
 900 pieces of net 64

Just eyeballing the announcements shows that this could be a *lot*
smaller.  But even if all we saw were /19s in there we could expect
to see 2048 /19s per /8, which is larger than what we see now.

Is there data that shows the possible "NetGain" over the past 6 years?
And if so, is it getting better or worse?