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Re: UUNET outage in Palo Alto

  • From: Sehmel, William C.
  • Date: Wed May 10 02:55:18 2000

I would have to agree with John on this one. I do not look at Randy Bush's
comments any more serious then I do to "garlic's". Actually Garlic's might
have something interesting in them. Name's don't matter in my opinion.

Bill Sehmel
Sr. Network Engineer
OpalNetworks, INC
[email protected]

***<john fraizer> wrote ****

> Susan,
> Some of us don't have the luxury of living under the veil of academia and
> as such, use "alternate" email accounts when posting information that
> while ON-TOPIC and of OPERATIONAL use, may cause significant political
> fallout.
> It might not fit the AUP.  So be it.  It was significantly above the
> typical S:N ratio for the list and as such, I believe that YOU are out of
> line in chastising the individual in question.
> If you don't like my particular opinion on the subject, please take it up
> with those in my company who have the powers to make my job go away.
> ---
> John Fraizer
> Founder and CEO
> EnterZone, Inc