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Re: Peering Table Question

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 11:08:06 2000

>  Sean -
>   We sign and comply with mutual non-disclosure agreements
>   that inhibit my ability to share that information with you.
>   This is not a technical issue.

If you are unable to provide this information, then don't ask stupid,
goading questions in the first place. You don't need to wave the "third
parties are idiots" stick around too much, unless you have a better way of
proving your marketing-driven claims.

UUNET (or whatever the name is this week in the land of Dogbert) may claim
to be the world largest ISP, but they don't make many friends along the way.

Those who want the money ... line up here. Those who want respect of their
peers ... over there. Sorry, we don't have a queue for both.