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  • From: Joshua Goodall
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 11:14:58 2000

If you have interests in the UK, and you're not already aware of the
"Regulation of Investigatory Powers" legislation due this year, then read

There's some potentially nasty wrinkles that, for example, remove the
presumption of innocence, and right not to self-incriminate. Hilariously,
it becomes an offence to reveal to anyone (including your organisational
superior) that the police have forced the disclosure of a private key.

See the scenarios in particular for more cryptographic and telco
situations, including IP related possibilities. You may have to pay for
the cost of tapping your own users.

However it seems to me that this legislation will fall apart with the
first test case. Several techniques based on international disclosure
would make a mockery of what is already a gross violation of the EU
Convention on Human Rights.

- Joshua

Joshua Goodall
"Bandwidth Evangelist"

... p.s. <grin /> at cross-over with PG's note to similar effect ...