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Re: Peering Table Question

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Sat Apr 22 07:16:40 2000

> UUnet is especially "evil" in this respect, here in Denmark, UUnet is a
> relative small provider, but targets end users heavily, and thus wants
> to peer with the larger providers here, so their end users gets fast
> connectivity to domestic sites. But they only advertise their danish
> networks, and doesn't propagate our routes into the rest of AS702.
> On the other hand, in countries where UUnet is the big player, like in
> the UK, they refuse to peer - very inconsistent ...

This has been standard UUnet policy since whenever. Evil is not quite the
right word - that implies too much malicious forethought. "Greedy",
"whinging", "selfish" spring more to mind.