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Re: New Federal Law (COPPA)

  • From: Henry R. Linneweh
  • Date: Sat Apr 22 02:52:50 2000

Then such a law is unconstitutional since it openly discriminates against
a particular age group and was crafted with such intent in mind,  as to
deter the use of an informational instrument and network pathways
for personal growth of A said class of people in the United States.

Shawn McMahon wrote:

> It's worse than that.
> Giving something away in a contest that's illegal in Florida?
> Sorry, can't ask what state they're from without parental permission.
> Need their email address for password verification?  Sorry.
> Effectively, this bars children from accessing the net, since companies
> won't be able to affordably comply.
> And all to protect children from something that their parents can far more
> effectively protect them against.
> On Fri, 21 Apr 2000, Andrew Brown wrote:
> >
> > i have a website that might be collecting information from children,
> > even though that's not the "target" audience.  can i ask the person
> > how old they are, or is that a violation of the law?
> >
> > it seems to me that i must break the law in order to comply.

Thank you;
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Henry R. Linneweh