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Re: NetSol screwing the pooch?

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Thu Apr 13 22:48:33 2000

> NSI's been screwing the pooch so long, it's surprising we're not all
> knee deep in puppies!

I find it amusing that large ISPs tolerate NSI for so long despite the
enormous costs its incompetence imposes on their businesses.  Now the bunch of
self-proclaimed rule-setters called "ICANN" is going to screw them even more.

I would think that these large ISPs should form the consortium and finally
build a normal registry database; they already have infrastructure for
customer service, and offer their customers assistance with domain registration.

There is no need for independent registries.  Customers wishing to register a
domain should simply talk to their ISPs whose personnel can then go and update
the consortium-owned database.  Oh, and BTW, they _already_ have the contact info
for their customers, so they do not depend on the NSI-claimed "ownership" of that
information.  And, unlike NSI or other registries, they can actually verify that
information - and they have a pretty simple method of dealing with abusive

This approach scales, it can improve domain-related customer service by an
order of magnitude, and it does not require any political games.  Despite the
cut-throat competition in the market, ISPs managed to maintain a coherent and
functioning global routing infrastructure.  The DNS is as essential for their
customers as the actual packet transport; so i think it is time for competent
people to take over it, too.

Now, the question is when the ISP managers will wake up and get a clue.