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Re: peering wars revisited? PSI vs Exodus

  • From: Gordon Cook
  • Date: Tue Apr 04 23:12:11 2000

My Credentials are right there on my web site Ehud. Since March of 1992 I have reported in far more depth than any one else on the key developments that have shaped the growth of internet infrastructure. Except for some consulting it is my sole source of income and has been for more than 8 years.

Let me name a partial list to be found at

2000 - so far
Stan Hanks ( Enron - Commodity Bandwidth Trading), Kathy Nichols (Cisco), Ira Brodsky ( Datacom Research), Sean Doran & Frode Greisen (Global Telesystems), Francois Menard, Jjohnathan Rosenburg (Dynamic Soft)

1999 Jay Adelson (Equinix), Joe Berthold (Cienna), Rob Bednareck (PanAm sat), Jack Terry (Etherloop), Wayne Price (Williams Communications), Jim Southworth (Concentric), Bob Collet (TeleGlobe), John Curran (NextLink), Ross Callon (Ironbridge), Farooq Hussain, Dave Farber, Tony Li (juniper), Rick Wilder, MCI, Chris locke (Cluetrain), Derrek Oppen and Ken Smith (Nortel) Desh Despande (Sycamore Networks), Francois Menard (Mediatrix), David Oran (Cisco)

1998 VJ Kumar ( Lucent), Henry Sinnreich (MCI), Tom Evslin (ITXC), Steve Bellovin (ATT) , John Plonka (Frontier Gobal Center), Ira Magaziner, john Curran (BBN), Jim Bound (DEV IPv6) Christian Huitema, John Quarterman, Richard shockey, Bill St Arnaud, Nayel Shaffei, Vint Cerf, Iakov Rekhter, Tony Rutkowski, PaulFerguson, Dave Hughes, Jerry Scharf (ISC)

1997, Randy Bush (Verio), Bob Moskowitz, john Curran, jeff Sedayao (intel), KC Claffy and Tracie Monk, David Holub, Barbara Dooley (Cix) Hank Kilmer (sprint), Tony Bates, Noel Chiappa, Scot Bradner, Paul Mockepetris, Craig Labovitz (merit), Fred Baker, Vint Cerf, Bob Moskowitz

april 92 -1996 at

I'll stand on those credentials Ehud. i don't do sound bytes. These are in depth explorations on the average length of 10,000 words and interview You might want to read the entire thread before you sound off again.

This argument is specious.  Gordon isn't press.  Well, garlic press

p.s. "press credentials" are not hard to fake, but ask Gordon for his
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