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Re: peering wars revisited? PSI vs Exodus

  • From: Ehud Gavron
  • Date: Tue Apr 04 21:47:08 2000

This argument is specious.  Gordon isn't press.  Well, garlic press

p.s. "press credentials" are not hard to fake, but ask Gordon for his

>On Mon, 03 Apr 2000 21:47:50 -0400  Paul Ferguson wrote:
>> >surprised not to see this mentioned on NANOG
>> >
>> > >Sent:  Friday, March 31, 2000
>> > >To:    Notify
>> > >Subject:       Exodus Customer Confidential Communication
>> > >
>> Gordon,
>> Does the word "confidential" elude you?
>> - paul

>Golly Paul, I would not have guessed you would have taken this

>If a tobacco company marks a collusion document "CONFIDENTIAL", should
>the press not report it?

>If a Waco report is market "Top Secret", should the press not report

>If Boeing has a flawed design, should the press not report it?

>There is a fair amount of evidence that an unruly and discourteous
>press is a profound good for society....

>P.S.  "Scandal-Monger", Safire, William, 2000