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Re: more-specifics in class B space?

  • From: Brian Wallingford
  • Date: Thu Mar 23 01:01:20 2000

: > it appears there are providers out there that are abiding by the "ARIN
: > guidelines" and thereby nuking routes within classical class b space.
: [snip]
: It also appears that there are parties who received address delegations
: within classical B space and are parceling chunks out, without any
: delegation or registration.  Without that administrativia, and no clear
: customer-vendor relationship in an AS path, how does this behavior look
: any different to address hijacking?

It doesn't.  At the very least, an rwhois server should be hosted by the
current authority for the aggregate space, and adverts should be
registered with the appropriate routing registry.  IMHO, of course.