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Re: Sprint routing issues

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Thu Mar 23 01:10:24 2000

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Nick Bastin wrote:

> >I can ping all of them, but none answer DNS queries.  Makes it tough to
> >access their customers.
> Sprint has a master ticket #3461302 open for at least something related to
> this problem, or at least that's what the engineer thought.  Apparently
> they're having an 'issue' with a router on the east coast.  He muttered
> something about gateway 13, but I didn't catch it all.

I just got another call back to tell me that they'd isolated the problem
to the Orlando, FL site where we connect to them.  I said "I don't think
so."  All their NS servers are unreachable or unresponsive (to the whole
net, not just me), and they think it's a bad circuit in Orlando?  It seems
almost like the two callbacks I've gotten so far are from different parts
of Sprint.  Neither seems to know what the other is doing.  Neither seems
to know what's going on in general.  At least the first one knew there was
some general "big problem" on their network.  Both are acting on the same
ticket opened by a single phone call from me.

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