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Re: Fw: Administrivia: ORBS

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Wed Jan 19 17:52:03 2000

[ On Wednesday, January 19, 2000 at 19:16:31 (+0000), Martin Cooper wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Fw: Administrivia: ORBS
> Oh dear - I think you've misunderstood.

I don't think I did, but perhaps Paul did.

My statement about AboveNet having open relays that they've not yet
publicly denied is based on earlier statements pointing to the publicly
published list of open relays on "their" networks (actually all networks
of their customers as I understand it) documented by ORBS.  It was quite
factual and to the point.

Perhaps I should have used wording that reminded folks that there was
such a list, but I didn't and that's water under the bridge.

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