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Re: CEF Load balancing...

  • From: Neil J. McRae
  • Date: Mon Jan 17 06:18:39 2000

On Sun, 16 Jan 2000 20:02:48 +0100 
 "Sykes, Phil" <[email protected]> wrote:

>  A sh cdp neighbors detailed at AMS-IX last week revealed that roughly half
> of those running on 75xx/12xxx plaforms were running an IOS 12.0, mostly
> 12.0(5)S and newer.
>  Slightly more than half of those on smaller Cisco platforms were also doing
> so.
>  Of course, this doesn't mean they're using 12.0 releases elsewhere, but
> it's a fairly safe bet.
>  There were some major players amongst those running 12.0, but I'm not sure
> it would be terribly appropriate to name names.

If you need GSR power you really don't have a choice but to use 12. 
We're running 11.1.CC25 on our 7500's because we've never seen a release
of 12 that works well with VIP2-50s.  YMMV. We're about to use 12 on
some new GSR boxes we have.

Neil J. McRae - Alive and Kicking
[email protected]