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Re: spam colusion

  • From: Deepak Jain
  • Date: Mon Jan 10 00:30:23 2000

> I wonder if search engines can be sued for listing sites they found through 
> web crawling?  I can just claim I do not want to password protect my 
> sensitive information and now that people are finding the page in a search 
> engine they are downloading said sensitive information without my 
> approval.  So it MUST be the search engine's fault, or better yet, their 
> upstream's fault.  I mean, they had to do an HTTP-get to find the 
> information, isn't that intrusion upon my property?

I don't know much about this sort of law, but there is some sort of 
precedent, like reasonable precaution. You can't leave your home door 
open and then be surprised if someone walks in. Having a lock is 
considered a reasonable precaution. 

However, leaving your keys in your car doesn't entitle someone to drive 
off with it.

Most organizations I know of try to minimize their involvement with and
their necessity of attorneys and law enforcement, but once they decide
either is necessary, they pursue their rights with full vigor. 

Deepak Jain