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Cisco CEF question

  • From: Rubens Kuhl Jr.
  • Date: Sat Jan 08 00:29:26 2000


Does someone know a good reference describing possible values and meanings
for the "fast switching type" and "fast flags" fields of a "show cef
interface" on a Cisco 7500 router ? Command referece for this command
ch_r/xrcef.htm) does not describe these fields in detail.

Running with IOS 12.0(8)S, the output is like this for each interface:

FastEthernet0/0/0 is up (if_number x)
  Fast switching type 1, interface type 18
  IP Distributed CEF switching enabled
  IP Flow switching turbo vector
  IP Flow CEF switching turbo vector
  Input fast flags 0x1, Output fast flags 0x1

Previous CEF-enabled versions may show little diferences, such as listing
fast-flags as one field.
Any pointers ?

Rubens Kuhl Jr.