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Re: Silly season

  • From: Andrew Brown
  • Date: Thu Dec 23 16:50:08 1999

>> it would be better, imho, to go to a 64 bit signed time_t, but that
>> would be a major flag day.
>"would be"!?!?!  :-)

okay...will be.  when it happens.  i wasn't trying to imply that it
might not...i'm sure it will.

>No, it *WILL* be an important day, but it will happen on a per-system
>basis (and perhaps per-protocol basis if indeed there are any network
>protocols carrying time_t or similar values). ntp?  or the time protocol as per rfc868, a slightly
adjusted (by 25567 days...gee has this expired already? :) time_t
(well...okay, "a 32 bit binary number") protocol.

fwiw - even if you're on a 64 bit system, any time_t you *expose* to
the outside world is going to be converted to the 32 bit flavor.  so
you might be able to continue after 2038, but you'd probably be rather
alone in it.

and then there's tar, pax, cpio...

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