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Re: Major asia pacific public exchange points

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Wed Oct 27 00:15:06 1999

>  :| I think there's also one in Seoul called KIX as well, but I'm not entirely
>  :| sure.
> Yes, KIX is in Seoul but I think it is domestic IX.  In 
> Japan as well there is no IXes which can be called 
> international one.

	As I understand, KIX is mostly domestic Korea.
	Japan has NSPIX3 and JPIX.  There is enough
	international capacity to house a root server
	there. :)

	And based on what I have been told, both HKIX and 
	STIX can be called international.  There is a 
	common error in assuming international = US domestic.

	This is false.

	Both STIX & HKIX have interconnections to ISPs in
	many other nations but not quite the connectivity back
	to the US.