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Re: Major asia pacific public exchange points

  • From: MAEMURA Akinori
  • Date: Wed Oct 27 00:15:19 1999

Bill, Thanks for the reply,

 :"[email protected]" wrote
 : at Tue, 26 Oct 1999 20:21:35 -0700 (PDT) .....
 :| >  :| I think there's also one in Seoul called KIX as well, but I'm not entirely
 :| >  :| sure.
 :| > 
 :| > Yes, KIX is in Seoul but I think it is domestic IX.  In 
 :| > Japan as well there is no IXes which can be called 
 :| > international one.
 :| 	As I understand, KIX is mostly domestic Korea.


 :| 	Japan has NSPIX3 and JPIX.  There is enough
 :| 	international capacity to house a root server
 :| 	there. :)
Umm,,, To be correct, Nationwide IXes in Japan are NSPIXP2,
NSPIXP3, JPIX.  NSPIXP3 is located in Osaka.

Yes, is on NSPIXP2 and donated transit
through NSPIXP2 by some ISPs.  It may be called int'l
capacity. :-)

 :| 	And based on what I have been told, both HKIX and 
 :| 	STIX can be called international.  There is a 
 :| 	common error in assuming international = US domestic.
 :| 	This is false.
Thanks for pointing out.  "international" means just the 
multi-nationality of participant ISPs, right?

 :| 	Both STIX & HKIX have interconnections to ISPs in
 :| 	many other nations but not quite the connectivity back
 :| 	to the US.
I see.

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