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Re: Interesting - No reaction to a smurf

  • From: Matthew Petach
  • Date: Thu Oct 21 14:59:39 1999

> We currently have an ongoing attack, and cannot get 
> a directly adjacent network to respond.
> (Participate in a traceback)
> The list at has a few errors....
>    Jared: The following phone number is disconnected:
> Concentric Network Corp.
>    2828
>    +1 408 327 2470 

Cool!  I love it when we find these things out from
external sources.  :(  :(

I'll put a bee in the bonnet of the folks at work to
track this down and get it operational again.

> [email protected]
>   The phone number appears to be no longer operational. 
> The email gets an auto-responder.
> We have not received a human response to an "urgent" in over
> 24 hours.
>    :(

If you are a peer of ours, please send correspondance to
"[email protected]" -- that actually hits the clueful
people.  If for some reason that address gives errors, send
it to "[email protected]".  That second address isn't
supposed to exist anymore, of course, but it's always good
to have a second channel in case the primary fails.  :)
>  We have an ongoing attack that has been running for over 48
> hours total so far....... 
>    Would someone with Concentrics (IP Clueful) Security
> please contact me!
> (And while you are at it, please update puck's NOC contact
> list)

How does one do that...I see a form for adding a new entry,
but I don't see a form for updating an existing entry.  :(

>   You appear to have a script kiddie pointing smurf at a
> downstream.

Please send as much of the relevant information on the attack
as you can to [email protected], and we will work with
you on tracking it down.  Please include which peering location
you are seeing the traffic from, and destination IPs that are
being hit.
>    Thanks!
>  Richard Irving
>  One Call Communications, Inc.

You're welcome--sorry it had to come to a public forum like this.  :(

Matt Petach
(from home, representing me and my bathrobe at the moment, and not
 much else.)