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Re: NANOG 17 Peering BOF Meeting Notes

  • From: Matt Hempel
  • Date: Mon Oct 18 14:54:02 1999

James Smith wrote:

> In regards to the snipet from the BOF notes below, is there any sort of
> prepackaged method to collect and analyze the data regarding traffic flow
> and the originating AS?  (i.e. Some software that does this, or a Cisco
> command that I'm not familiar with yet?)

ip cef accounting per-prefix

will create a summary of bytes per prefix (which you can see with "show ip cef
detail" )... you'll have to parse this against the routing table to get
originating AS.

NOTE (big note) ... I have no clue as to how this will affect router performance
and strongly suspect that it will be somewhat debilitating.

--matt hempel