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Re: NANOG 17 Peering BOF Meeting Notes

  • From: James Smith
  • Date: Mon Oct 18 13:47:00 1999

In regards to the snipet from the BOF notes below, is there any sort of
prepackaged method to collect and analyze the data regarding traffic flow
and the originating AS?  (i.e. Some software that does this, or a Cisco
command that I'm not familiar with yet?)

On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, William B. Norton wrote:
> To identify potential peers, ISPs use a variety of criteria.  There may be
> existing business relationships that can be leveraged to include peering. 
> Quantities of traffic distributed between networks often set the pace of
> the negotiation; to quantify this, ISPs may systematically sample inbound
> and outbound traffic flows. Flows then are mapped to originating AS, and
> calculations are made to determine where peering (direct interconnections)
> would most reduce the load on the expensive transit paths. There is
> substantial work involved here, as this traffic sampling results in a large
> number of data.  The end result of this first phase is list of the top ISP
> candidates for peering.

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